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Our Stories: Making an Impact Everyday

Our story is your story.

Read about the many ways our community helps the Pasadena Educational Foundation make an impact on the lives of every student, at every school, every day.

2nd Grade Art Walk

Did you know that every Pasadena Unified School District 2nd grader takes a public art walking tour with PEF’s My Masterpieces program? Ms. Totaro’s 2nd grade class from McKinley School…

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Grammarosaurus at McKinley

“Extra! Extra! Stop that press! Guess what Mrs. Muthiah’s 2nd grade class at McKinley found in Loch Ness! Grammarosaurus!” 120 students performed Grammarosaurs had a blast learning the second grade grammar…

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Caterpillars, Cocoons, and Butterflies at Jackson

What can be more wonderful than releasing new butterflies? 150 students from Andrew Jackson Elementary School learned about life cycles in nature by caring for their own caterpillars, watching their…

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Butterfly Wings, Mouse Paint, and Grammarosaurus

PEF Teacher Grants in Action Mouse Paint: A Play About Color at McKinley “One day three white mice discover three jars of paint–red, blue, and yellow.”  That is where the…

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