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2023 PUSD Graduate Destinations

As PUSD Graduates are once again moving across the state and country to continue their education, we want to highlight their achievements by showing all the great places they’re heading this year.

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Visit: pusd.us

California is well-represented, and PUSD students are heading to some of the best public and private universities in the world, including UCLA, UC Berkeley, and Caltech. We also see our students attending some amazing community colleges, like PCC, where they’re learning trade skills and getting ready to transfer to four-year universities.

This year, PUSD alums who performed in the All-Star Musical performance of Into the Woods are getting the chance to deepen their skills in the arts and beyond at schools across the country. In fact, two of the stars of Into the Woods received scholarships to attend Hussian College in Los Angeles after a talent scout saw their performances. (You can read more about Into the Woods graduates in PUSD’s newsletter.)

Every year, PEF recognizes the talents and financial needs of PUSD students through our many scholarship awards. Visit our Scholarships page to learn more about how you can support the continuing education of our amazing graduates.