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PEF provides fundraising, accounting, and administrative support to every PUSD school’s Annual Fund. School Annual Funds are guided by the priorities of the individual school community and enable schools to more efficiently raise community dollars to meet immediate needs. In the 2017-18 school year, Annual Funds collectively raised almost $1 million for their schools.

Since 2011, PEF has worked to establish an annual fund on every campus within PUSD.  Annual funds are another means for school communities to raise money for programming and personnel.  Annual Funds have fewer restrictions on their use which makes them attractive vehicles for many school communities.

PEF assists the annual funds as:

  • Fiscal Receiver: PEF receives deposits, logs donor information, ensures funds are dispersed according school agreement (stated purpose of fund and two signatures), provides statements to schools, and completes IRS tax reporting and donor letters.  A 5% fee on the fund balance is charged for these services.
  • Coach: PEF helps guide schools on how to structure an annual fund, shares examples of what other schools are doing, helps make connections with community members when possible, offers trainings as needed, and brings school needs to our grant writers to find other potential funding.

This year the Annual Funds were used for items like:

  • Science lab equipment and materials.
  • Music, visual, and arts programs.
  • Library coordinators, computer learning specialists, and Spanish teachers.
  • Playground upgrades, athletic equipment, and field trips.
  • Robotics, STEM, and Arts clubs.
  • Chromebooks, LCD projectors, 3D printer supplies, and educational software.
  • Library books, supplemental teaching supplies, and AP materials.

PEF Gives Back

In the past few years a generous donor match to PEF’s annual fundraising campaign has enabled PEF to give a portion directly back to each school’s Annual Fund. Over the past three years PEF has given approximately $150,000 to our schools in this way.