PEF scholarships recognize the talents and financial needs of our students.

By supporting our general scholarship fund, you allow us to direct our support to wherever students need it most.

You can also choose to support one of our specific scholarship funds:

Dr. Brian O. McDonald Scholarship

Dr. Brian O. McDonald served the Pasadena Unified School District for twelve years, first as Chief Academic Officer and then as Superintendent from 2014 through 2023. In recognition of his dedication to providing every student in PUSD the education they needed to succeed, this scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior from the Center for Independent Studies.


Angela Parris Rose City Scholarship

This annual award goes to a graduating Rose City senior who has overcome significant obstacles to succeed academically, and who is planning to pursue a college education. [Read more]


LIFT Scholarship – Latinas Inspired for Tomorrow

The LIFT Scholarship is awarded annually to Latina students who demonstrate a commitment to furthering their education and the potential to excel in college or by enrolling in a trade. [Read more]


Muir High School Class of ’65 Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to John Muir Early College Magnet seniors who are planning to continue their education after graduation.


Johnson Family Legacy Scholarships

The JFLS Fund was established by the family of Edward and Barbara Johnson as a simple act of “paying it forward”. Scholarships are given to future and current John Muir Early College Magnet graduates in memory of Edward & Barbara (community service); Jennifer Townsend (education), Brothers Johnson (current student athlete) and in the spirit of Business and Entrepreneurship.


PAAASE Scholarship

The Pasadena Alliance of African American School Educators recognizes and awards African American students from each high school in PUSD.


Dr. Trudell Skinner Scholarship

Dr. Trudell Skinner worked as an educator and administrator at Pasadena Unified School District for more than a decade. This scholarship will honor Dr. Skinner’s legacy by allowing deserving PUSD students to continue their education beyond high school.


Patricia Kavanagh Memorial Scholarship

Ms. Patricia LeSomptier Kavanagh, or Ms. Kavy, or Queen Kavy, was a loved and respected English teacher at Marshall Fundamental. To many of her students, she represented much more – she was a mother, a sister, a mentor, a friend, an inspiration, and a lifesaver. She was the most kind, generous, and loving individual who believed in the goodness of ALL. As she gave selflessly to others, the Patricia Kavanagh Memorial Scholarship Fund at Marshall Fundamental will continue her legacy of generosity and love. Graduating seniors will be able to apply to the scholarship through an essay contest held in the spring.


If you’d like to learn more about our scholarships, including how to make your own, take a look at our informational page, or contact Phyllis Fash at