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2024 PUSD Graduate Destinations

As PUSD Graduates are once again moving across the state and country to continue their education, we want to highlight their achievements by showing all the great places they’re heading this year.

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Visit: pusd.us

PUSD students take their skills and experiences to some of the best public and private universities in the world, including Princeton, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Yale. Students are also choosing to start their college experience at a community college, where they can prepare to transfer to another school or gain valuable trade skills.

Besides going all over the country to learn, PUSD students also apply their global citizenship skills to study internationally. This year, we see graduates going to school in Canada and the Netherlands.

PUSD prepares their graduates for higher learning with access to AP courses, dual enrollment college credit, the IB Diploma, the California Seal of Biliteracy, and many other pathways to advanced learning.

Every year, PEF recognizes the talents and financial needs of PUSD students through our many scholarship awards. Visit our Scholarships page to learn more about how you can support the continuing education of our amazing graduates.