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Video: Teachers’ Share Challenges & Victories During Remote Learning

“Public education has always been the great equalizer. It is an essential component to our country’s past successes and enduring idealism. Every student deserves access to high-quality, well-funded public education.”
– Patrick Conyers, Executive Director

By Nancy Carol Inguanzo | PEF Volunteer & Engagement Manager

Like an unwanted guest, Covid-19 arrived at our doorstep, baggage in hand. It’s effect on all of our lives will take years for experts to unpack. Yet one area is consistently recognized as having long-lasting consequences: education.

Take a look at any news outlet and you’ll find countless articles and opinion pieces about how students and families are faring while remote learning. Yet, the realities of daily learning and teaching often gets lost in a mire of conjecture about numbers. The obvious difficulties with keeping students connected – both technically and mentally – are much more complex.

Pasadena Educational Foundation went directly to teachers and asked: what are your biggest challenges and victories during remote learning? And how can we best support you and your students? View a short compilation of their feedback below.

At our latest Community Engagement Forum, Pasadena Unified School District educators shared their experiences. Principal Noemi Orduna of Madison Elementary gave a realistic, detailed overview of the new school environment. Visual Arts and Design Academy Lead Teacher Alicia Gorecki of Pasadena High School, First Grade Teacher Kylie Santanello of Altadena Elementary, Spanish Dual Language Teacher Jason Trapp of Washington Elementary, and Fourth Grade Teacher Kristyn Shiohama of Hamilton Elementary recorded short videos to share their outlooks.

Our partners and forum participants found their perspectives enlightening and helpful. It offered concrete items to discuss and focused our attention on the most effective ways to support our school community.

Bottom line: To address inequities, we must focus support on all students, especially those in economically disadvantaged households. Improving access to technology and enhancing mental health support systems is required. It is essential to strengthen community partnerships, engage volunteers, and provide adequate funding. This crisis must awaken a renewed commitment to public education in our community.

Support public education for every student, every day.

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