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PEF Teacher Grants 2020-21
Special Awards

Calvin Hunt Arts Award

In memory of Calvin Hunt who, as Director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, took dancers all over the world as cultural ambassadors. This award promotes and supports dedicated teachers enhancing arts education in PUSD.

2020 Winner
Hillary Temple
Pasadena High School
Dance Room Download
With the purchase of a television and sound system students would be able to use their computers to broadcast their ideas and thoughts and become leaders via tech in the classroom through assignments and presentations. In addition this will upgrade the dance room to standards used at most Cal State and UC classrooms to enhance the experience of a beginning dancer.

Jarratt Brunson Memorial Award for Literacy

Honoring the late Jarratt Brunson, the PEF founder who initiated the Teacher Grant Program, this award will go to the proposal that best reflects Jarratt’s passion for reading and early literacy.

2020 Winner
Kathryn Marquez
Madison Elementary
Libros Para Todos!
She will purchase Spanish language and bilingual books of all grade levels to place in their Little Free Libraries, so that their families, who do not presently have access to their school library, can read the stories and then return them for others to enjoy.

Kathy Onoye Principal Award

This award will go to the PUSD Administrator whose proposal best exemplifies their role in inspiring leadership.

2020 Winner
Angela Baxter
Willard IB
Ukuleles for All
The purpose of the project is to maximize musical experiences for children through the use of a grade level set of ukuleles during distance learning and beyond. The project will provide grade level ukulele experiences for all 4th graders during distance learning. Provide ukulele experiences for each grade level team 3-5 in the year following distance learning. Create a long term contemporary ukulele course for all 3rd graders at Willard. Create a generation of students that can play multiple musical instruments. Equip students with the ability to: become proficient at: playing rhythms, chords, and songs on the ukulele; and give students the opportunity to invent and create their own songs individually or in cooperative groups.

Teacher Grant Awards 2020-21

Altadena Arts Magnet

Tia Acosta

Storytelling, Songs, and Finger plays using Flannel Stories and Finger Puppets


Regina Major

Lights ~ Camera ~ Action


Soraya Benamer

French immersion program


Vivian Alfonso

Teachers Pay Teachers Digital Lessons


Sophie Durand

French Distance Learning


Jose Guzman

Sandbox and Portable Water Wall


Lita Haido-Mayer

Engaging Virtual Instruction


Meghan Livengood

French and English Classroom Materials


Stephanie Lopez

Project Based Learning at Home


Kylie Santanello

Learning to Love Reading!


Amanda Van Enk Gould

Tools for Distance Learning


Ashley Webb

Bring My Virtual Classroom to Life!


Blair IB School

Luis Escalante

Lexia Reading Intervention


Maria-Teresa Garcia

LEXIA Reading intervention


Jesus Cobian Baca

Student of the Month Care Package


Adria Espinoza

Lexia for ELD Students


James Goffred

Increase offerings for new Armenian DLIP Program


Patricia Gorse

Math Rocks!


Elisa Perez

Welcome Home


Xiomara Tovar

Lexia Core Reading


Veronica Yepez

Running with a Purpose


Monique Baca-Geary

Writer’s Workshop


Kestutis Daugirdas

Keyboard Lab


Jennifer Dimas

Upright Bass Addition to School Inventory


Veronica Alcantar

Art Integration


Elizabeth Najera

Reading en español and Our Community Garden


Don Benito Fundamental

Yvonne Davis

Whip Cream, Sprinkles and a Cherry on Top!


Heather Huezo

Little Readers, BIG deal!


Christine Sandoval

Multiplying Math Masters


Frania  Rodriguez

SDC Sensory & Peace Corner


Eliot Arts Magnet

Dr. Jane G Lambert

Integrating Literacy in Math Class with Scholastic News Math Magazines


Robert Moya

Pop Up Art Shows


Field Elementary

Denise Burciaga

Helping Me Teach in a digital World.


Starene Cruse

Projecting  Learning


June Kiesel

Bring Learning Outside. Bring Learning to Life.


Zhongqiang Sun

Fun China World Project


Anqi Deng

Teacher-use and Student-use Distance Learning Project


Xiaofei Lei

Virtual Mandarin Learning Rocks!


Wanyi  Wu

Better Chinese Reader Sets for Guided Reading


Yiyuan Zhang

Mandarin Mania (cont.)


Shu Zhang

Need help to make my math class alive!


Focus Point Academy

Richard Carbajal

Volleyball Game Pack


Ricardo Peinado

Word Master


Hamilton Elementary

Kristyn Shiohama

Learning A-Z, Virtually!


Julie Ysassi

Learning Bins


Stephanie Elliott

Books for Social Justice

Jackson STEM Dual Language Magnet Academy

Elizabeth Holle

Rockin’ the Dynamic Digital Virtual ClassroomSpicing up the Virtual Classroom


Alejandra Jimenez

Ebooks for E-learning Read Alouds


Ana Paik

“The wonders of virtual learning with technology”


Rita Exposito

A Cloud of Books All Around Us


Jennifer Fernandez

PBL Love


Shanon Smith

Increasing Student Focus and Engagement


Diana   Suarez

Student Engagement AND Home & School Connection


Jefferson Children’s Center

Carolina Arizaga

Jefferson CC Peace Garden



John Muir High School Early College Magnet

Ryan Flores

Conic Dough


Micol Issa

Muir Media Library


Cynthia Lake

Still speaks loudly!

Kimberly Knudson

Art Of Fulfillment

Longfellow Children’s Center

Janine  Montanez

Preschool: Grow A Garden project


Longfellow Elementary

Mavis Brown

Better internet connectivity


Madison Elementary

Patricia Guzman

Distant Learning Enhancement


Helena Alves

Students Treasure Becoming Publishers


Kathy   Marquez

Libros Para Todos!


Nancy  Cruzat

  1. E. Equipments


Yolanda Munoz

Cursive Writing without Tears


Marshall Fundamental

Suengmee Seo

Document Camera for Online learning


Sara Agvanian

Making Math Fun on Line


Ana F Chavez

Document Camera as teaching tool


Consuelo Galvez

Upgraded Learning


Marti Macinnes

Podcast Unit


Daarina Abdus-Samad

“Hands-On Art Supplies!”


Jason   Tello

Supporting Students with Disabilities Using a Document Camera


Jonathan Gould

Marshall Music Theater Program – 2021 Spring Musical


Christine Gunnell

Make Room for Science(labs)


Luis Rendon

Can Art Change the World (creative maladjustment)

Mckinley School of the Arts

Emily Brink

Online Learning Necessities


Nicholas Bruno

GoZen! (Online programs to manage stress & build resilience for kids)


Solange Desouza

Enhance Math and Science classes


Sara Dave

Mckinley Fit

Diana   Morrison

Whiteboards and Markers and Books, Oh My!!

Lauren Partma

Building a Love for Reading and Writing



Norma Coombs Elementary

Wendy Giang

Early Childhood


Debbie Breitenstein

Building An At Home Library


Pasadena High School

Roger Baar

AP Chemistry Lab Equipment


Richard “Darin” Basgall

Document Projector for Student Collaboration Activities


Anthony Brooks

Remote classroom


Richard Chung

Online Resources for Special Education Math


David Flores

There There Class Novel Set: Honoring Indigenous Americans and our Local Communities


Hillary  Temple

Dance Room Download


Marian Pena

Making Math Interactive and Engaging


PUSD Adult Living skills program

Melanie Hackman

Document camera


PUSD Alternative to Suspension Classroom- CWAS

Elsa Gutierrez

Reading and Cooking with Restorative Justice


PUSD Child Welfare, Attendance and Safety Department

Olivia Tu

Art and Social- Emotional Learning Integration


PUSD Health Programs, Home Hospital Teaching

Diana   Stern

Bringing Content Alive Through Art


Rose City High School

Richard Lightner

Career Portfolio and Business Plan Project


Brian   Stanley

Rose City Internship Program


San Rafael Elementary

Fabiana Isasa de Soto

¡Listos para Aprender!


Berenize Leal

Virtual Book Club


Sierra Madre Elementary

Yolanda Boyer

A Gathering Place


Carolyn Halpern

Hands-on Science Experiments through Distance Learning


Barbara Ishida

Art At Home, School and Around Us


Laura Palmer



Dany Richey

Little STEAMers


Gretchen Elm

Leveled Reading Groups Connect Us During Covid


Debbie Henderson

eBooks for SME Library


Regina Jeffers

Encouraging Engagement in Elementary Environments


Charlene Tucker

Sierra Madre Elementary Parent/Guardian Cafe Series



Sierra Madre Middle School

Gina Davis

Continuing the Garden at Sierra Madre Middle School


Armenui Manasarian

Hawk News


Karyn Messler

Hawks Soaring through History


Christine Mitchell

Art in Math and Science


Washington Children’s Center

Maria Baker

Hands-On STEAM and Language Arts Materials for Preschoolers


Washington Elementary STEM Magnet

Cindy Abbott

Take-home instruments for the entire school


David Earnhart

Kinder Intro to In-person Learning Through Outdoor Play


Wenonah Green

Mystery Science Hands-On Activity Supplies


Katherine Mickelson

Synergizing with Unit of Study in a VIrtual and Blended Classroom


Washington STEAM Multilingual Academy

Natalie Daily

Get Them Hooked!


Cassandra Nevarez

WSMA Instrumental Music Program


Webster Elementary

Candice Cooper Horn

Hands On! During Virtual Learning


Romy   Cisneros

Positive Communication Supports for Special Education Preschoolers


Linda  Keavy

Art Across Pasadena a Virtual Exhibit


Willard IB Elementary

Linda Wittry

Ipads for song creating, music videos and infomercials


Wendy Barton

Maximizing Time for Student Learning


Angela Baxter

Full grade-level set of Ukuleles

“Every year I am awed by the creativity and passion that our district’s teachers and principals share in their grant proposals.” Patrick Conyers, PEF Executive Director

Grant projects are:

Student centered.
Related to the curriculum.
Directly benefit students.
Enhance and Improve student achievement.

Grants are generally awarded to teachers in amounts up to $1,000, special awards up to $2,500, and school-wide grants up to $10,000.

Thank you to the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association, College Football Playoff (CFP) Foundation, and the generous support of the community

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Teacher Grants are one of the many ways the Pasadena Educational Foundation helps to create a vibrant and enriching educational experience for all public school children in Pasadena, Altadena, and Sierra Madre.