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PEF Teacher Grants 2022-23

Read about all of our amazing 2022-23 grant recipients below, or click here to see pictures from our 2022 Drive-Thru Award Ceremony:

Special Awards

Calvin Hunt Arts Award

In memory of Calvin Hunt who, as Director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, took dancers all over the world as cultural ambassadors. This award promotes and supports dedicated teachers enhancing arts education in PUSD.

Cynthia Lake ~ John Muir Early College Magnet
Use it Again!

Jarratt Brunson Memorial Award for Literacy

Honoring the late Jarratt Brunson, the PEF founder who initiated the Teacher Grant Program, this award goes to the proposal that best reflects Jarratt’s passion for reading and early literacy.

Elizabeth Beaumont ~ Willard Elementary
Literature that Circles the Globe

Kathy Onoye Principal Award

This award goes to the PUSD administrator whose proposal best exemplifies their role in inspiring leadership.

Kristin Forrest ~ Webster Elementary
Innovation through Exploration: A STEAM Experience

School-Wide Grants

Michael Bell ~ Focus Point Academy
Supporting Students on a New Campus

Maricela Brambila ~ Willard Elementary
Social-Emotional Learning through Enhancing IB Student Agency and Action

Kristin Forrest ~ Webster Elementary
Innovation through Exploration: A STEAM Experience

Karrone Meeks ~ Washington Elementary
The Calming Corner

Garrett Newsom ~ Sierra Madre Middle
Mapping U.S. and World History

Elisa Perez ~ Madison Elementary
Fostering Learning, Fun, and Wellbeing at Madison

Rudy Ramirez ~ San Rafael Elementary
Growing Trees and Minds

Brian Stanley ~ Rose City High
Student Internships

Lawrence Torres ~ CIS Academy
Elements and Energy Garden

Charlene Tucker ~ Field Elementary
Student Wellness, Empowerment, & Recognition

Teacher Grants

Altadena Arts Magnet

Thitaporn Acosta, Karina Karakhanian
Sensory Play in the Great Outdoors

Vivian Alfonso
Fluency Practice Class Book Sets

Kylie Horan
Full STEAM Ahead!

Meghan Livengood
Flexible Seating

Regina Major, Victoria Camargo
Imagine ~ Create ~ Clean ~ Art Studio Portable Sink

Pauline Rouat
French and Math Resources

Blair IB

Michael Birnbryer-Lao, Monica Benson
Condenser Mic Pair

Richard Carbajal
Teambuilding through Cooperative Games – The Pipeline Set

Johanna Castro
Safe Haven

Diana Cervantes
Books For Ms. Cervantes’ Class & Beyond!

Raul Delgado
The Viking Fitness Center II

Stephanie Fonseca, Kevin Wang
PE Uniforms for Foster Youth/Homeless/Students in Need

Maria Teresa Garcia, Luis Escalante
Promoting International Academy Students and Families.

Mary Ann Kelly
Arduino Boards for Experienced Robotics Students

Ashley Lau
Real-Life Application of Mathematics

Pearl Lee
Year End Portfolio

Esmeralda Lomeli
Keeping History Alive with Art

Vilma Martinez
Printed Artistic Expressions

Elizabeth Najera
Continuing Our Garden Project and Growing Our Classroom Library in Spanish Language Arts

Jessica Volpi, Joshua Sharpe
Build Up the Theatre at Blair!

Child Welfare, Attendance, and Safety

Elsa Gutierrez
Restorative Justice Circles in a Flexible Seating Environment

Don Benito Fundamental

Yvonne Davis, Kristina Andrews
The Power of Mindfulness – Empowering Our Students to Focus, Stay Calm and Make Good Choices

Eliot Arts Magnet

Vanessa Alquijay
Novels are for Everyone!

Derrick Bangle, Jeffrey Kazanjian
Ceramic Fossil Wall

Dr. Jane Lambert
Using Scholastic News Math Magazines to Integrate Math & LIteracy in 8th Grade Math

Erika Moore, Felicia Lee
Leadership Takes Action!

Robert Moya
Portfolio Preparation Project

Erica Peters
Even More Fabulous Fab Lab Expansion

Liane Shih
A Seat at the Table

Summer St. Pierre, Scott Di Lorenzo
Dramatic Literature Library Collection

Field Elementary

Starene Cruse
Technology in the Classroom

Jing Gao, Anqi Deng
Hands-on Math Games and Manipulatives for Math Workshop

Deirdre Jess
Wordly Wise Vocabulary Workbook for Third Grade

June Kiesel
Let It Grow! Creating an Edible & Sensory Garden

Wanyi Wu
Seating for Success!

Wai Yan Wu
SEL in the Classroom

Yifei Yuan
Math Small Group Centers

Shu Zhang
Help Building a Bilingual Classroom Library

Yiyuan Zhang
Workshop Model in Mandarin Immersion Classroom

Focus Point Academy

Madelyn Gittens
Art Therapy through Kumihimo, Rock Tumbling and Neurographic Drawing

Jermaine Love, Maisha Jeffery
The Quiet Corner

Hamilton Elementary

Anna Cacioppo, Alden Denila, Crystal Anguiano
Wellness Room

Marion Yamada
Just Breathe – Calm Down Corner

Jackson STEM Dual Language Magnet

Debbie Ayala, Erica Nellessen
Jackson Wellness Library

Cristina De La O
New Classroom Setup

Jennifer Fernandez
Learning with Art

Elizabeth Holle, Rachel Black
Cooking Class Supplies

John Newell
Science Lab Outdoor Classroom

Corrine Parker
Kinder Needs to Wiggle-Wiggle

Whitney Reese, Janneke Verhoeven, Salvador Reyes, Larry Snyder
Playground with a Purpose

Diana Suarez, Melissa Ruiz
Connecting to Self, Books, and Others!

Jefferson Children’s Center

Dolores Lopez
Multi-Cultural Awareness

John Muir Early College Magnet

Janet Hart, Joe Auch
The Secret Garden

Cynthia Lake
Use it Again!

Longfellow Elementary

Joane Copeland-Muro, Jessica Pink, Patricia Rubalcava
Playground Equipment

Patricia Ortiz-Rubalcava
Time to Explore!

Kaiulani Sallas Venable, Candice Cooper Horn, Sophie Mejia
Creative Curriculum

Mary Shimazaki
Calm Room

Madison Elementary

Helena Alves, Angela Chavez
Students Treasure Becoming Publishers

Nancy Cruzat
Calming Corner

Margarita Dominguez
Developing Social-Emotional Skills through Hands-on

Donna Irie
Our Wonderful World

Aysia Lynch Rodriques, Amparo Magalong
Calming Space for Students with Special Needs

Kathryn Marquez, Cheryl Hinojosa, Flor Manzano, Diane Salson
Hocus Pocus, Help Us Focus!

Mary Roper
Let’s Make Two Years of Academic Growth in One Year!

Marshall Fundamental

Zara Agvanian
Expanding Students World Through Math

Marjani Elgenedy
Building The Choral Program

Bethel Lira
Museum of Medieval Masks

Marti MacInnes
House on Mango Street

Michael Millan, Stephen Kooshian
DBQ Project

Marysia Narvaez
Journey through the Silk Road

Veronica Serrano
Soaring to Success with Reading

McKinley School

Cynthia Beale
The Environmental Art and Serenity Garden

Norma Bracamonte
Take-5 Spaces

Nicholas Bruno
McKinley Therapeutic Classroom

Jasmyne Callum
Social Emotional Learning RSP

Topaze Fraser-Lake
McKinley 5th Grade Garden

John Lira
The McKinley 4th Grade Garden Farm to School

Norma Coombs Elementary

Debbie Breitenstein
Building an At Home Library

Wendy Giang
Reading Our Way Through Preschool

Barbara Ishida, Alma Cielo
Native Plants

Kyle Kennelly, Sally Sebenius
Math in 3D

Octavia E. Butler Magnet Academy

Cindy Abbott, Jason Trapp, Kevin Gaul

Andrew Driffill, Robyn Wehrly
Robotics Supplies

Patricia Fontenot-Hughes
Positive Behavior Intervention Program–Incentive Program

Mary Lauderdale, Jenny Lai
ASB Supplies to Host and Record Events at the School

Frances Werking, Robyn Wehrly, Jensine Lucas
The Science of Project Based Learning

Pasadena High

Richard Chung
Role Playing Activities to Support Students with Disabilities

Amy Marmol
Television for Digital Curriculum Access

Kyle Michealsen
Green Club Vegetable Beds

Darlene Osmonson, Mayte Hernandez, Janet Silverman, Starr Gomez, Evan Narasky, Israel Arauz, Melissa Lorenz
“Break Out” of Boring Lessons

Marian Pena
Board Game Final Projects

Hillary Temple
It’s Time for TAP!

PUSD Health Programs

Frania Rodriguez
Adapted Text with Picture Storyboard for Students with Severe Disabilities

San Rafael Elementary

Andrew Medina, Priscila Leon
1-3 Resonator Bells for San Rafael

Juana Orozco, Carla Landaverde
La Vida En Libros!

Maria Veronica Parra, Stephanie Kaul, Diana Marquez
The Just-Right Book for School and Home

Lizet Rodriguez
Reading and Writing Spaces

Anne Stuart
Keva Planks

Rose City High

Eric Gothold
Student Voices

Richard Lightner
Planning Today For My Career Future Tomorrow

Scott Simon
Computer Lab Accessories

Christopher Tolosa
Physics And Chemistry Equipment and Lab Kits

Sierra Madre Elementary

Carolyn Halpern
Science Buddies

Barri Messersmith
STEM-sational Students!

Dany Richey, Kristina Keck
First Grade Robot Engineers

Sierra Madre Middle

Bryon Lanagan
Student Leadership Reading Club

Chad Prado
Giving Students a Voice – “Hawk Rock”

Yolanda White
Academic Intervention

Jun Yu
Mandarin Immersion Graded News and Culture Experience

Washington Children’s Center

Maria Baker
Teaching Diversity and Inclusion in the School-Age Program

Washington STEM Magnet Elementary

David Earnhart
How Does a Plant Grow without Soil? Hydroponics in the Classroom

Tina Minkler
Learning Through Play

Monica Rosales
Hands on Math: Build, Create & Engineer

Webster Elementary

Yanira Munoz

Willard Elementary

Elizabeth Beaumont
Literature that Circles the Globe

Marineh Fstkchyan
Wellness Room

Lauren Partma
Every Child Deserves to Read

Julie Van Der Heide
Savvy Scientists

Linda Wittry
Creating Theater and Performance Experiences for all Willard Students while Improving the Quality of Sound Through the use of New Headset Mics.

Teachers & Principals

“Every year I am awed by the creativity and passion that our district’s teachers and principals share in their grant proposals.” Patrick Conyers, PEF Executive Director

Thank you to the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association, College Football Playoff (CFP) Foundation, and the generous support of the community

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