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What does a Kindergarten student do in the My Masterpieces Program?

The PEF award-winning program My Masterpieces that is offered to all PUSD students (K-6) starts with a field trip to Kidspace Children’s Museum for Kinder students. They are met by an educator that tours them around the gardens and provides educational activities.

One of the engaging activities (seen below) is creating their own unique butterflies. The students learn to mix primary colors to create a colorful butterfly and learn about the science behind the butterflies’ life cycle, too.

Engaging students in the arts and introducing them to local cultural institutions is what My Masterpieces is all about! During their visit to Kidspace Children’s Museum students also get to participate in drama, by acting out the stages of growth a tree goes through. Below you can see the students acting as seeds in the soil, learning about the nutrients and conditions needed to grow a plant.

Before students end their hour and a half trip to Kidspace Children’s Museum students are able to spend some time exploring and learning about the garden through observation.

The My Masterpieces: Discover Art in My Community Program provides access to the arts and cultural institutions for all PUSD schools, grades K-6. Learn more about the program here, or donate!