My Masterpieces

Full Circle at the Gamble House

Full Circle at the Gamble House During the graduation of the new group of Jr. Docents at the Gamble House, a partner for the 3rd grade students, we learned that all of these high school students had been through the My Masterpieces Program as third graders, and now would have…...

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What does a Kindergarten student do in the My Masterpieces Program?

The PEF award-winning program My Masterpieces that is offered to all PUSD students (K-6) starts with a field trip to Kidspace Children’s Museum for Kinder students. They are met by an educator that tours them around the gardens and provides educational activities. One of the engaging activities (seen below) is creating their own unique…...

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2nd Grade Art Walk

Did you know that every Pasadena Unified School District 2nd grader takes a public art walking tour with PEF’s My Masterpieces program? Ms. Totaro’s 2nd grade class from McKinley School had an exciting day this April getting inspired in our community on a public art tour around Pasadena City Hall.…...

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