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Celebrating Our Schools 2022 In Pictures

Thank you to all who helped us support PUSD students at Celebrating Our Schools ELEVATE 2022. What an uplifting evening!


We raised more than $182,000 to support scholarships, arts and music, and all of PEF’s programs and initiatives.

Alma Stokes, our Exemplary Service Award recipient, reminded us what one person can do to bring change to her community.  Guest Speaker Katrina Ortega Cabrera, inspired us with her own story of success and her commitment to supporting the dreams of students. The students and teachers in our interactive showcase captivated our guests with their remarkably creative exhibits—generating science fiction stories on the spot, driving tiny solar rovers, piecing together “ancient” artifacts, and so much more.

Here are some pictures from our amazing photographer Molly O’Keeffe, a PUSD alumna and former PEF Intern.
(Note: Scroll Down for Student Showcase pics and  Program & Presentations pics)

Student Showcase

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Program & Presentations

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