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Making Every Day An Earth Day

“It was a joy to see PUSD staff and students, along with volunteers from WarnerMedia and LAWorks, creating such a vibrant landscape that will benefit all at John Muir High School! There will be spaces for engineering projects, horticulture, meditation — a beautiful renewal of the land.” — Dr. Elizabeth Pomeroy, PUSD School Board President
Invest in our planet.

That was the motto for Earth Day 2022. Certainly one of the best ways to invest in our planet is by enhancing our children’s natural science learning.

Pasadena Educational Foundation held a PUSD Proud Day as a part of its year-long 50th anniversary celebration, hosting employees from WarnerMedia & L.A. Works to volunteer in the school garden at Muir High School Early College Magnet on Earth Day. Volunteers installed a dry creek bed, expanded a meditation labyrinth, and planted California natives. This was the Farm to School Program in action… and in full, glorious spring.

The day’s efforts were investments with high-dividends. Installing waterwise, native gardens at our public schools creates essential outdoor classrooms. They not only ensure our children learn the most up-to-date strategies for addressing climate change, but they give students opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. It is proven that connecting with nature increases mental and physical well-being.

WarnerMedia and L.A. Works employees got out from behind their desks to spend the morning in the sunshine and build muscle doing good work for our community. Akili Lane, a Muir senior, showed off her hydroponics project, which she will present as a part of her Senior Defense. And PEF staff saw up close how our work impacts our whole community in positive, lasting ways.

“We made good progress in all areas of the garden today,” said Jill McArthur, Farm to School Coordinator and Master Gardener, who led the activities. “Our volunteers put in a lot of effort planting food crops and enhancing the water wise native habitat. As these areas develop, our students gain opportunities for in depth study across multiple subjects. Having volunteer support makes a big impact.”

Special Pasadena Unified School District guests joined the effort. Pasadena Unified School District President, Dr. Elizabeth Pomeroy attended as did current and former administrators of the district’s Farm to School Program Ana Apodaca, Director of Health Services, Katia Ahmed, Wellness Coordinator, and Ann Rector, former Director of Health Services.

It was a celebratory day of doing good work for our public schools and addressing the well-being of our children, our community, and, yes… our planet. Investing in each other is something we can do to make every day an Earth Day.

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By Nancy Carol Inguanzo, Community Engagement & Volunteer Manager