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April-May 2021 Volunteers of the Month – Vaccination Volunteers

“I believe I have a personal responsibility to make a positive impact on society.”Anthony Fauci

Volunteers have supported our school community in a myriad of ways over that last year and in ways we never expected. From distributing food to school supplies, they have met the vital needs of our neighbors and friends. However, none of these needs may be as important as helping our community get vaccinated.

Initially PEF volunteers supported Pasadena Unified School District Health Services with flu vaccines. During this pandemic, mitigating the spread of influenza was seem as high priority due to the potential for comorbidity. In addition, flu vaccination clinics held during the full lockdown period were key “test drives”… they helped inform local health departments how to best conduct effective and safe Covid-19 vaccination clinics.

Covid-19 vaccines for essential workers soon followed. School teachers and staff were at the top of the list. Our volunteers left the safety of their homes and stepped out of their comfort zones to assist PUSD personnel get inoculated. This was the first, crucial step towards getting students back on campuses.

We want to thank all of those volunteers who helped us move closer to that goal.

Special thanks to our April & May 2021 Volunteers of the Month: PEF vaccination clinic volunteers.

By Nancy Carol Inguanzo, PEF Community Engagement Manager