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PEF Board Member Del Lile Receives PFAR’s 2020 Humanitarian of the Year Award

“I have been involved in public education in Pasadena, Altadena, and Sierra Madre through the PEF. I find this work to be very rewarding. In 2020, I think we really realized how important our communities are, and I encourage you to get involved in any way that resonates with you in your community.”

– Del Lile, Realtor & PEF Board Member

Recognizing the enormously important role realtors play in influencing the community’s view of our public schools, the Pasadena Educational Foundation has worked with area realtors, Pasadena Education Network (PEN), and the PUSD to provide opportunities for realtors to learn more and get further connected to our schools. Our Realtor Initiative is a nationally recognized program that equips realtors with current public school information and encourages realtors to be active ambassadors for our schools. It’s an essential project that makes our community stronger.

And we couldn’t have done it without our board member and 2020 PFAR Humanitarian of the Year Award Winner, Del Lile.

As an active PEF board member and a member of the Pasadena-Foothill Association of REALTORS® (PFAR), Del knew how important it was to educate his fellow PFAR members about all the top tier learning opportunities Pasadena public schools offer our community’s children. To do this, Del helped forge one of our key community partnerships. He was instrumental in creating and launching the PUSD REALTOR Certification Course.

Now more than 60 local realtors have been certified through this course. This course provides realtors with the tools and information to not only champion the many outstanding educational offerings found in the Pasadena Unified School District, but also enable them to best support their clients with one of life’s most important decisions. It’s a win for our community at every level.

Fellow PEF Board Member Dawn O’Keefe highlighted Lile’s contributions to the partnership between PFAR and PEF at the January 8th award ceremony, saying Del’s “partnership in the realtor initiative has been critical. We would not be at the stage we’re at without you.”

PEF’s Executive Director, Dr. Patrick Conyers, concurred. “Del helped unite two great organizations—PFAR and PEF—in the work that we’re doing to benefit the community.”

In fact, PFAR and PEF team-up regularly to serve our community. Last year, PFAR realtors helped PEF distribute meals to PUSD families, donated thousands in college scholarships for students, continued their PUSD Certification Program for realtors, and even led a workshop and updates on distance learning. We look forward to making our community stronger together.

Congratulations to our valued board member and public education champion, Del Lile. A well-deserved honor!