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2021 Scholarship Celebration

We are thrilled to have been able to give over $80,000 in scholarships during the 2020-2021 school year. The following are the fantastic recipients from each school:

Blair High School

Carson Scholarships

James Codey Award for Musical Accomplishment: Cassadey Dembowski 

Wooden Wisdom for Life: Zachary Loeza

Rich Boccia Vision Award: Joanna Ting

Dianne Moore Best Attitude Award: Calvin Jon Escolar-Chua

Literacy Award: Chanwoo Chung

The Harris-Bacor Family Foundation’s RISE (Resilience Integrity Service Excellence) Scholarships

Langston Hunter

Danale Milloy

Chanler Saucier

Genevieve Harvey

The J. Davis Scholarship

Kelly Morales

Lizbeth Oliva Villanueva 

Lorena Sanchez

The Nancy Scott Scholarship

Chanler Saucier

Blair Kaiser Scholarship

Melanie Cabrera 

Julieta Hernandez 

Christopher Silva 

Alexandria Palmeros 

Chanler Saucier

LIFT (Latinas Inspired for Tomorrow)

Guendi Tolentino Zamora

Norman Schmidt Art Scholarship

Johanna Tolosa


Danale Milloy


John Muir High School

JMHS Bradford Scholarship

Maximiliano Diaz Tia Reed

JMHS Class of ’65 Scholarship

Chris Andrade 

Gabriela Chavez 

Joanna Bendy 

Selena Rodriguez 

Mason Usher 

Alondra Villegas 

Maximiliano Diaz

Paulina Escareno 

Tania Figueroa 

JMHS Orange Scholarship

Hailey De Alba 

Noah Griffin (MPYD) 

Andrea Magdaleno 

Hans Eron Valderama 

Dylan Wilson (MPYD) 


Mason Usher

Johnson Family Foundation

In memory of Edward and Barbara Johnson: Bianca Olvera

In memory of Jennifer (Johnson) Townsend: Gabriela Chavez

In memory of the “Brothers Johnson” James E. & Jeffery A. Johnson: Tae Brooks

LIFT (Latinas Inspired for Tomorrow)

Leslie Galindo-Rodriguez

Norman Schmidt Art Scholarship

Tia Reed


Pasadena High School

Alumni Award

Ayb Marapao

Class of 1974 Scholarship

Kimberly Gutierrez 

Elizabeth Basu 

Kaitlyn Pham 

Rohan Jayasekara

David Pisarik Memorial Scholarship

Narek Shakelian

Ann Drury Memorial Award

Elise Viapiano

Thomas Harbeck 

Miriam Abrego Chavez 

Kema Marshall

Ritaj Abdulquani

Wark Scholarship

Brandon Andrade 

Dana Montiel 

Rachelle Kanounji

LIFT (Latinas Inspired for Tomorrow)

Sarah Muqri

Norman Schmidt Art Scholarship

Audrey Sami


Nyomi Morris



The Manwani Family Scholarship

Alexas Brown 

Sam Bliss

Kaitlyn Placensia 

Alex Chew

Hopes and Dreams

Keneth Ilhiaso 

Tracy Bryant

LIFT (Latinas Inspired for Tomorrow)

Emily Condon

Norman Schmidt Art Scholarship

Andrea Navarro


Malia Wilson


Rose City

Norman Schmidt Art Scholarship

Florence Winslow

The Angela Parris Scholarship

Angela Delgado


Congratulations to all these wonderful students! We can’t wait to see where these next steps in your academic journeys will take you!

PEF distributed more than $80,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors in 2021 on behalf of individuals, organizations, and foundations. Scholarships can be specific to a field of study such as STEM or art, needs-based, or for academic achievements. https://pasedfoundation.org/our-work/grants-awards/scholarships/