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App Academy Students Visualize Sound & Create Interactive VR Scenes

Our App Academy freshman and sophomore students have been busy since they started distance learning. The App Academy is a four-year computer science pathway program at Pasadena High School made possible by a partnership between the Pasadena Educational Foundation and the Pasadena Unified School District.

Check out some of their work:

Freshman students analyzed the frequency of songs and visualized those frequencies in interesting and beautiful ways.

This visualization below is of a song that was actually composed and produced by the student.


Freshman developed fun, creative games that incorporated their own artwork and learned to play with gradients to create randomized gradient backdrops for scenes.

Freshman responded to an open assignment to make projects that used sound. It was lovely because the requirements were quite open, so students took the idea and ran with it in a whole bunch of fun, interesting ways. Many projects dealt with music in some way, like this one where you could learn to play the piano on this little app.

The sophomores have been learning how to use A-Frame (a VR framework) to create interactive VR scenes. This was one they made during the Remote Learning time, where they used Environments to make their scenes bigger and more varied.

Another exciting student projects this year was this interactive tour of Antarctica by Mateo: there are so many great fun facts about Antarctica in here.


And check out these lovely, creative functional clocks by Maia, Anton, Zachary and Cayden!