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Rockets, Math, Art, and More

2013-14 PEF Teacher Grant Awards

Our 2013-2014 school year just ended and our PEF Teacher Grant Awardees are starting to send us some fabulous updates from the school year.  We have pictures, stories, audio files, and video coming in from all over the district.

Thank you to all who help support our PEF Teacher Grants program and to our PUSD teachers for creating such innovative and inspiring projects!

Take a look at just a few of what we have received so far. Expect more throughout the Summer!

It’s Rocket Science!

Sierra Madre Elementary
Grade: 3
Teacher: Suzanne York

150 students from Sierra Madre Elementary came to watch the 3rd graders launch their rockets on the front lawn. Students designed and built their own aircraft learning about lift, gravity, propulsion, and drag. Bicycle pumps were used to propel the rockets up high enough to land on the second story roof of the elementary school.

The students were also able to partner with the 8th grade Robotics class at Sierra Madre Middle School.


Integrating Art, ELA, and History into a creative artistic experience

Woodrow Wilson Middle School: Special Education Grade: 6-8 Teacher: Regina Marie Jeffers

History comes alive for the special education students of Wilson Middle School through this innovative program that uses art to make the information studied in history, literature, and language arts more relevant. Benjamin Franklin stated, “Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.” That is the purpose behind this project.

Artworks completed include: The United States Constitution, Native American string art, 3D Characterization, The Five Pillars of Islam, Drums of Africa, Byzantine Mosaics, Elements of Poetry, Medieval Manuscripts, Civil War cling Art, and Symbolism in the Novel. Students also used the supplies to create origami for Japan, carpetbaggers and tessellations, student interpretation of known works of art, and a puppet.


Advanced Math Centers and Activites

Eugene Field Elementary School Grade: 2 Teacher: Shu Zhang

Math centers designed to help second graders master fractions.