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Thank You 2021 Summer Youth Leaders – June/July Volunteers of the Month

Thank you to the more than 75 high school and college students who joined us this summer to assist teachers and students in our 2021 Summer Enrichment Program. Our dedicated Summer Youth Leaders volunteered an incredible amount of time and energy. They were a key to making our in-person program a success.

For most, it was the first time assisting in a classroom setting and it was done under extraordinary circumstances. They displayed great care, took initiative, and supported students and staff with kindness. We hope many will return next year! However, we wish those who are moving on to other pursuits all the best in future endeavors. The professional skills they all learned will help them go far.

Below are our 2021 Youth Leader Awards Recipients as selected by the teachers and staff of each school site. However, all were exceptional. Congratulations!

Awards of Distinction were given to those volunteers who conducted themselves with professionalism at all times and demonstrated a level of service that exceeded the expectations of teachers and staff. These volunteers were integral to the success of classroom lessons and program goals.

Olivia Barrios
Sofia Barrios
Claire Brandon
Samuel Carter
Holly Carter
Minji Cho
Sophia Dague
Andrew Deschenes
Jordan Fleischman
Soren Folgate
Morgan Gaskell
Vana Ghazarossian
Amelia Girt
Anna Guerra
Julian Guerrero
Mavis Holley
Adam Iptchilar
Theophilis Kuo
Rohit Lakshman
Daniel Lazaretto
Isabella Leyva
Natalie Minasian
Robert Murray
Lauren McCreight
Leila Nafarrete
Benjamin Park
Maia Rosenbaum
Tova Rosenbaum
Catalina Salamanca
James Shopbell
Daniel Shopbell
Skye Slattery
Aaron Yu

Interns from Pasadena Unified School District College and Career Pathways received Awards of Distinction as well. They were:

Victor Ceron, Claritza Cisneros, Kylie Kitani, and Alejandra Penaloza.

Dedication to Service Awards were given to those volunteers who have served in our Summer Enrichment Program for two or more years. These volunteers have exhibited a strong commitment to serving their community – going well beyond meeting high school requirements and setting a high standard for positive, sustained community engagement.

Claire Brandon
Holly Carter
Henry Carter
Samuel Carter
Parker Chambers
Erica Cimino
Anna Guerra
Theophilis Kuo
Isabella Lacayo
Lauren McCreight
Sarah Perez
Skye Slattery
Sabrina Segura
Kelly Yatsko
Natalie Minasian

Thank you to our 2021 Summer Youth Leaders for your commitment to our school community. You are all our June/July Volunteers of the Month!