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Create a Lasting Legacy

An investment in the Pasadena Educational Foundation Endowment is an investment in the future of the greater Pasadena community

One of the qualities that makes Pasadena stand out among other cities in the Southern California region is its philanthropic DNA. Per capita, the greater Pasadena area has the largest concentration of nonprofit organizations compared to other cities of similar size nationwide. Public schools lie at the heart of our community. PEF works alongside our district to achieve excellence and equity in all PUSD schools.

By giving to PEF’s Endowment, you are making an investment in public education, and ultimately our children’s future. It’s important to plant the seeds early, then to water and nurture it so it can grow and its rewards can be reaped in the future. The returns from a quality, public school education can not only impact a child’s life, that child’s family and future generations to come, but the greater Pasadena community as well. Consequently, well-educated individuals tend to have higher earning potential and can invest in their communities by buying homes, starting businesses, and continuing the tradition of giving back through philanthropy.

A contribution to the Endowment generates income in perpetuity for PEF’s operations and programs, leaving behind a lasting legacy and allowing your gift to go further. Contributions can also be made as future gifts through a bequest.

Interested in supporting PEF and the public schools of Pasadena, Altadena, and Sierra Madre through endowment giving? Contact us at 626.396.3625 or dspiro@pased.org.