Building Empathy is a project of PEF and PUSD, with support from the California State Library and California Humanities

Participating Teachers

Blair International Baccalaureate
Jesus Cobian Baca / Dual Language Immersion, Spanish
Elizabeth Najera Bustillos / Dual Language Immersion, Spanish
Esmeralda Lomeli / Dual Language Immersion, Spanish

John Muir Early College Preparation
Cuauhtemoc Mauricio / History

Marshall Fundamental
Devette Johnson / Graphic Design

Pasadena High School
Bertha Aguilar Garcia / Graphic Design
Mayte Hernandez / English
Jean Raya / English

Rose City High School
Ngozi Ezieme / Ethnic Studies

Support Team

  • Sehba Sarwar, PEF/PUSD Project Director
  • Jose Ortega, PUSD Curriculum Instruction and Professional Development (CIPD) Coordinator
  • Ashley Butler, PUSD History/Social Science Specialist
  • Xiomara Tovar, Instructional Coach, Blair International Baccalaureate
  • Fabiola Acevedo, Instructional Coach/ELD Coordinator, John Muir Early College Prep
  • Johanna Amaya-Dominguez, Instructional Coach/ELD Coordinator, Pasadena High School

Page Header Photo: Building Empathy participating teachers, coaches, and project managers at a professional development session; Photo by Joe Carbonetta

What we hear!

“The worst thing I would say about the government separating the families is that a lot of kids were probably stuck by themselves and were so lost and confused about what was going on and had no idea why they were in trouble or anything… They were probably wondering why they can’t enjoy life the same as every other person here.
—Angel, Rose City High School