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College Fair & Football

Yesterday Pasadena Educational Foundation staff members greeted students and parents as they entered Pasadena Unified School District’s Annual College Fair at the Pasadena Convention Center. Staff handed out our iconic orange PEF tote bags so students could easily carry all of their college brochures.

The fair proved especially festive this year — with buses shuttling students from the convention center to the Annual Turkey Tussle, where Pasadena High School and Muir High School battled it out on the Rose Bowl football field for a historic 75th year. Students and families from all of our high schools wore their school spirit gear as they browsed the convention hall. And there was a lot to consider! PUSD not only offered workshops on scholarships, financial aid, and writing college essays, but it hosted over 100 colleges and universities. Each offered PUSD students information about their courses of study and the unique offerings of their campuses.

It was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with some of our favorite students, Youth Leaders, volunteers, teachers, and counselors with whom we may not get to see as often as we’d like.

Over the years, we’ve seen how, yes… in the blink of an eye, PUSD high school students move on to prominent colleges and universities all over the United States. And we cheer them on wherever they go, but we miss them, too. The College Fair is time well-spent for PUSD students to learn more about what colleges have to offer… and for PEF staff to revel in seeing them grow.

by Nancy Carol Inguanzo
Community Engagement Manager