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PUSD Graduates Are Going Places!

Want to know where our PUSD Class of 2022 students are going to school after graduation?

We designed this map to show the amazing spread of our graduates to colleges and universities across the country (and even the globe). The data originally came from a list collected by PUSD for the graduating class of 2022. States with a darker blue shade have more schools with PUSD graduates.

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The first thing you might notice from this map is the sheer number of schools that are crammed into this list. (Things start getting a little tight on the East Coast!) Then, curiosity takes over, as you’re drawn to explore the map further. Maybe you look for your own alma mater, or a school that you hope your own children will attend too.

Unsurprisingly, California schools dominate this list. Our students are at every kind of institution, from small liberal arts colleges, to massive research universities. Plus, every community college on this list represents our students who are receiving invaluable career training, or taking their first steps towards a full degree at a UC or CSU.

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