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2022 Scholarship Celebration

2022 was a great year for scholarships! We were able to award over $113,000 to PUSD students. The following are the fantastic recipients from each school:

Blair High School

Blair Class of ’70 Scholarships

Axel Romero

Sonia Darakjian

Blair Health Academy Scholarships

Kasandra Valenzuela

Ashley Mills

Carson Scholarships

James Codey Award for Musical Accomplishment: Jesus Partida

Wooden Wisdom for Life: John Jack Cahalan

Rich Boccia Vision Award: Caiden Kenley

Dianne Moore Best Attitude Award: Amory Acosta

Literacy Award: Gabrielle Muna

The Harris-Bacor Family Foundation’s RISE (Resilience Integrity Service Excellence) Scholarships

Skylar Aguilar

Zitlally Dominguez

Alyna Guangga

Kasandra Valenzuela

Reshani Fernando

The J. Davis Scholarship

Alyna Guangga

Lileth Felix

Jonathan Ong

The Nancy Scott Scholarship

Carlos Cuevas

Daisy Martinez

The Phyllis Smith Memorial for Health Academy

Daisy Martinez

LIFT (Latinas Inspired for Tomorrow)

Mariana Salcedo

Norman Schmidt Art Scholarship

Areiyla Martinez Middleton

The Trudell Skinner Memorial Scholarship

Mariana Salcedo

The Nancy and Richard Esbenshade Memorial Scholarship

Ruby Magzul


John Muir High School

JMHS Bradford Scholarship

Matthew Fowler

Kylie Kitani

JMHS Orange Scholarship

Oswald Guerra

Diego Huizar

Sade Anderson

Jessica Robles

Isabella Uriu

Johnson Family Foundation

In memory of Edward and Barbara Johnson: Maricela Vasquez

In memory of Jennifer (Johnson) Townsend: Oshea Foster

In memory of the “Brothers Johnson” James E. & Jeffery A. Johnson: Charles Bennett

The Rainbow Scholarship in memory of the life and legacy of Jim and Bobbie Spangler: Savion Scott

Business/Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship: London Morris

LIFT (Latinas Inspired for Tomorrow)

Leslie Santos

Norman Schmidt Art Scholarship

Akili Lane

JMHS Trivers Class of ’54

Edwin Hernandez

Khyann Dolloway

Tessa Clougherty

The Robert Gould Memorial Scholarship

Isabella Uriu

The Peckham Scholarship

Estefany Flores

Retired PUSD Math Teacher Scholarship

Jessica Robles

Aaron Sharp


Pasadena High School

Wark Scholarship

Erick Garcia

Amelia Monsour

Tosten Pearson

LIFT (Latinas Inspired for Tomorrow)

Kassandra Guillen

Norman Schmidt Art Scholarship

Matthew Vidal



The Manwani Family Scholarship

Briana Marquez

Ashley Siebel

Eduardo Reyes

Logan Davis

Hopes and Dreams

Jessica Allen

Keith Garnett

LIFT (Latinas Inspired for Tomorrow)

Jennifer Robles

Norman Schmidt Art Scholarship

Rosalenna Gullotto

Rose City

Norman Schmidt Art Scholarship

Sergio Gonzalez

The Angela Parris Scholarship

Edward Rangel

LIFT (Latinas Inspired for Tomorrow)

Melissa Ascensio


Congratulations to all these wonderful students! We can’t wait to see where these next steps in your academic journeys will take you!

PEF distributed more than $113,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors in 2022 on behalf of individuals, organizations, and foundations. Scholarships can be specific to a field of study such as STEM or art, needs-based, or for academic achievements. https://pasedfoundation.org/our-work/grants-awards/scholarships/