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Keeping Students In School Requires Community Help

A key safety measure is testing, which allows us to be proactive in keeping students in school.Dr. Brian McDonald, PUSD Superintendent

To support our public schools in this time of unprecedented safety measures, Pasadena Educational Foundation has been asked to support the Pasadena Unified School District’s efforts to test and vaccinate its students and staff for COVID-19.

PUSD school board members have voted to require weekly COVID-19 testing for all students up to 12 years old and unvaccinated 12+ with informed consent by parents. Many additional healthcare workers have been hired, however this is a massive effort. With over 14,000 students, keeping students in school will take community effort.

Here’s how you can help.

These vaccination and testing efforts will be ongoing. They will require sustained, dedicated support. Volunteers will be imperative for registration and traffic flow – enabling nursing staff to administer tests and vaccines at PUSD Headquarters at 351 S. Hudson Ave.

For over 50 years Pasadena Educational Foundation has supported our public schools. And as the district’s 2021 Community Partner of the Year, reaching out to us for assistance makes perfect sense. Our volunteers have supported the district in a myriad of ways – from distributing hundreds of thousands of meals to packaging and delivering school supplies to reading in online classrooms during remote learning. They have depended on us and we have delivered. Help us do all we can to protect our children.

Learn more and sign up to help here: pased.org/vaxclinic