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Gardens Are For Learning

How many Zoom meetings have we attended over the last year with messy hair and unruly eyebrows? Being locked inside isn’t good for personal maintenance. But did you realize the same overgrowth was happening outside… in our school gardens?

With no one to look after their beds, weeds have grabbed more than their fair share of our outdoor classrooms. Thistles love a lockdown, it seems. Our school gardens… need personal care.

Luckily, Pasadena Educational Foundation has helpful corporate partners like Bluebeam, Inc.

With the recent lessening of lockdown restrictions, Bluebeam employees volunteered at John Muir Early College Magnet to help PUSD Master Gardener Jill McArthur give its school garden a much needed makeover. The company donated over $1,000 in new soil and more in volunteer assistance. Beds were cleared. One could almost hear the garden give a sign of relief.

Gardens are a great tool for study and connecting students with nature. They are an important part of an engaged, hands-on science education. All of our school gardens would like to have their own “spa” day, but help is needed to make it happen quickly. Pasadena Unified Schools are set to begin a tiered reopening at the end of March. We want our campus’ outdoor spaces ready for learning.

It’s partners like Bluebeam who help us get the job done.

Thank you, Bluebeam, Inc. for your service and support!

Want to have your company or group hold a garden clean-up day?
Contact NC Inguanzo at ncinguanzo@pasedfoundation.org for more information.