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Thank You Neighborhood Church of Pasadena!

Thank you, Pasadena Educational Foundation! We are so happy to support the important work you do.” Neighborhood Church

This fall, the Neighborhood Church of Pasadena reached out to the Pasadena Educational Foundation to take part in its “Share the Plate” initiative. Every Sunday the church collects an offering to go entirely to their community partners as an additional gift. The goal of this offering is to help make a difference for those things the congregation cares about as a community. Partners receiving the offering are selected by a congregational committee based on recommendations from church members. The Neighborhood Church raised approximately $600 for PEF.

The congregation of Neighborhood Church knows education equity is fundamental to a better society. Donations like theirs help us reach every student, every day. Whether in-person or remote learning, the support of community partners like Neighborhood Church is essential.

Find out more about the many ways Neighborhood Church supports the Pasadena  community here: https://www.neighborhooduu.org/social-justice