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Your Vote Counted… For Our Public Schools

Special thanks to all of you who voted in support of Measure O!

If there’s a positive that can be taken away from this horrible pandemic, it’s the increased public awareness of the importance of public education and the need to enable access to technology with an eye towards equity. We hope that one day soon, this awareness will further manifest in fully funding public education.

The Pasadena Educational Foundation endorsed Measure O precisely because it will provide funding to increase student access to technology, expand STEAM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, Technology, Arts, and Math), and school improvements. It will authorize $516.3 million to increase student access to technology and expand STEAM and Career Technology Education programs and facilities. It will upgrade classrooms and schools; maintenance that is deeply needed.

We bid a heartfelt thanks to outgoing Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek and PUSD School Board members Lawrence Torres and Roy Boulghourjian… each of whom has championed our public schools. We extend a warm welcome to our new partners – incoming Pasadena Mayor Victor Gordo and school board members Jennifer Hall Lee and Tina Wu Fredericks.

Jennifer Hall Lee

Tina Wu Fredericks

Together we will continue to work with Superintendent Brian McDonald and the entire school board to meet their collective goals. Our goal remains the same: to continue to enhance the education of our children and build a stronger community for us all.

Thank you for advocating for our public schools!