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Tapping Into Creativity with Good Vibes


By Nancy Carol Inguanzo | PEF Volunteer & Engagement Manager

At the end of August, Pasadena Educational Foundation wrapped up our Good Vibes Volunteer effort. The program was launched to support our students and our community in positive ways while dealing with the physical and mental challenges of full COVID quarantine. We all needed a boost – a reminder of our collective good will. 

Students signed up to receive weekly good vibes messages. They painted posters, wrote songs, and designed positive messages to share in their neighborhoods and on social media. All we asked was that they tap into their creativity and use them to make others feel valued, appreciated, and just plain better.

With the smoke and stress of the Bobcat Fire looming over us, we thought this would be a good time to share some of these messages again. May the sun shine through. Let these good vibes remind you that we’re a strong, proud, and versatile community!