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Teacher Grants Update

AP Lit Books for John Muir Early College Magnet High School

To expose his students to the rigors of the AP Lit test and to raise the number of students that have received passing grades on the test, teacher Charles Vines received a 2018-19 PEF Teacher Grant to provide every one of his AP Lit students a Princeton Review AP Lit Test book.

The books have made it possible for Mr. Vines to be able to augment classroom instruction with materials from the test prep book, and students can now study for the test on this own time outside of class.  AP Lit Tests will be given in May.

“This test prep book has given me a better understanding of the AP Lit test and practical tips to share with my students,” shared Mr. Vines. “My students seem to be gaining confidence and getting more familiar with the test structure and demands and have enjoyed the book and its structure. It is a very strong resource, thank you!”

What Does it Mean to Pass an AP Test?

According to College Boards: “Your AP score shows how well you did on the AP Exam. It’s also a measure of your achievement in your college-level AP course. This score will be used by colleges and universities to determine if they will grant you credit for what you’ve already learned, or allow you to skip the equivalent course once you get to college (this is known as advanced placement).

In most cases, your score is a weighted combination of your scores on the multiple-choice section and on the free-response section.”