Robin Mizes comes from a family of teachers, going back to many generations. And, as a result, she feels very deeply about investing in and supporting public schools. Robyn received her A.B from Occidental College, with a major in Psychology and a minor in Education, followed by an MBA from UCLA with a combined focus in Marketing and Human Resource Management. After graduating from UCLA, she became a Human Resources consultant. Now that her children are grown, she is able to pursue her passion for helping people, especially within the education environment. She attended public schools. Her 2 children attended public schools. Mrs. Mizes recognizes the value of a well-rounded public school education. And, now she is volunteering in the Pasadena public schools. This will be her fourth year volunteering with the same teacher at Longfellow Elementary School, and her second year volunteering with the Reading Partners program, also at Longfellow Elementary. She is beginning to be involved with the Pasadena Educational Foundation and is looking forward to making a contribution to the great work being done.