Greg Apodaca is the Vision Holder, Chief Explorer and CEO of Community 2.0, a community benefit corporation. C 2.0’s Massive Transformative Purpose is, People and Earth In Balance.

Greg is an explorer in the latest frontier facing humankind characterized by the exponential pace of change and resulting in the rapid evolution of our species and society. As we step into this future that holds both the existential threat of the climate emergency, and the greatest economic opportunity in history, now more than ever the future is ours to create.

Greg is committed to a future that includes an environmentally restored planet, people prepared to thrive during exponential change, and resources shared more equitably.


  1. Envisioned and was first executive director of Leadership Pasadena.
  2. Introduced TEDxPasadena in 2011 and 2012, and helped start TEDxSoCal.
  3. Helped lead the National League of Cities / Workforce Development to Combat Poverty Program
  4. Contributed to the Irvine Foundation’s, Communities Organizing Resources to Advance Learning task force
  5. Co-chaired, Quality of Life Index, Healthy Cities Committee / City of Pasadena
  6. Is a past president of the Pasadena Junior Chamber of Commerce