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Summer Youth Leader & Intern Center



You must complete all of your weekly Reflection Surveys to receive approval of your service hours!


Did you complete your Reflection Survey? Every Thursday you must complete your reflection as a part of your service.

Week 1 Reflection Survey

Week 2 Reflection Survey


Youth Leaders need to log their hours in Track It.

For more information on Track It, please go to the bottom of this webpage.

If you are having issues logging your hours, please email NC Inguanzo at ncinguanzo@pasedfoundation.org.


Are you checking your emails? Sometimes you’ll receive a site specific email from your Site Coordinator as well. Check your Promotions and Spam folders regularly!

June 13 Email

Youth Leader & Intern Basics

Review all the Youth Leader Program basics and download the Volunteer Handbook at the bottom of this page.

Prior To Service

Please watch each video. These will show you what you need to know to be a better leader. This will take you a max of one hour to complete… it’s helpful and interesting. Pace yourself. It’s better to watch this in several sittings! Returning leaders are encouraged to watch them again as a refresher.

Know How To Make A Difference: The One Thing All Great Teachers Do

Know What To Say: How to Talk to Students & Build Relationships

Know What Our Summer Program Does: The Neuroscience of Learning Through Play

Understand yourself better:

What Makes The Teen Brain Fabulous: The Teenage Brain

Attend a Training Session on Saturday, June 8 at the PUSD Ed Center. See details here.

  • Don Benito and Jackson Youth Leaders attend at 9:30 – 10:30 AM.
  • Madison and McKinley Youth Leaders attend at 11 AM – Noon.

Review the Youth Leader Rules to Serve By.

Youth Leader & Intern Tips

  • Be kind and friendly with the students, but remember, you are a mentor, not a buddy. You must set a positive example for students… and they’ll listen to you better when you need them to do so.
  • You are considered staff. Act accordingly.
  • Be aware of your language and the tone of your conversations. Never use curse words in the presence of a student. Be your best self!

On Your First Day of Service

  • Please arrive between 7:45 – 8 AM on the first day of summer. Go to the office. Check in using your Track It Volunteer Tracking app (see directions at the bottom of this page.) Get our name badge. If you haven’t gotten your apron yet, please get one as well. 
  • Your name badge may not be accurate if your class assignment was changed. PLEASE CHECK YOUR ASSIGNMENT BELOW  VIA THE LINK.
  • If you have a younger sibling that you must escort to their class, you must stay with them until 8 AM. No one should be on campus without supervision and that includes your sisters and brothers!
  • On your badge, your class assignment and room number will be listed.
  • Go to your classroom… and put away your belongings.
  • Introduce yourself to your teacher!
  • Regularly plan to arrive between 8 – 8:15 AM.
  • Each day you’ll finish between 12:30 – 1 PM, once your classroom is cleaned and set up for the next day’s lessons.


  • Wear comfortable, but school appropriate clothes and shoes.
  • Aprons & Name Badges – These are yours to keep. Take care of them. Wear them every day of service. This is your uniform. If you prefer, you may leave your apron and badge in your classroom daily so it’s always there and you won’t forget it. If you are helping in a Sports class, you do not need to wear your apron, but do wear your badge!

Don’t forget to log your hours when you arrive and as you leave!

Class & Teacher Assignments

See your class assignment. These have been updated as of Sunday, June 9. Names are listed in alphabetical order by first name.


Just before your first day, download and print a copy of your school site’s map. Keep it in your front apron pocket! Have it on hand so you can reference it and help students get to where they need to go. The teachers’ last names are located on each classroom we will be using. That’s how you’ll know where to go!

Maps will be uploaded here prior to the first day:

Don Benito Map

Jackson Map

Madison Map

McKinley Map

School Site Contacts:

**If you are unwell or have an unexpected absence, please let your site administration know via email and cc nc@pasedfoundation.org.**

Site Administrator’s Contact Info. This will give you the name and contact information for your school’s Site Coordinator (aka Summer Principal) and Office Manager. ALWAYS cc NC Inguanzo at ncinguanzo@pasedfoundation.org on any communications with site staff.


See what’s for breakfast & lunchAll meals are free and available to Youth Leaders and Interns during regular meal times! If you find you do not have time to eat, discuss setting a designated time with your teacher.

Remember classes are Monday – Thursdays June 10 – July 11. No classes on June 19 or July 4.

Need to reset your Track It Forward password? Learn how here.

Log your hours. Check in, & check out daily!

Want to submit a selfie verification, too? Here’s how.

More on Using Track It:

Check In & Out each day using the Track It Volunteer Time Tracking App on your phone or on a computer:

  • You will need a Track It account.
    • This is where you’ll create your username and password to be able to use the application. This is best done on your computer prior to logging into the app. Sign up for a Track It Account on the bottom of this web page. Click the link below that reads: “Click here to register.”
    • NOTE: You only need to do this once. If you served previously, you can use your user and password from last year and/or reset your account.
    • Download the app to your phone and log in. This is where you will log in and out of service each day.
    • If you do not have a phone, please log in on a computer or laptop each day to track your hours.
  • These videos/articles will help you navigate the app easier:
  • Checking in and out automatically tracks your service hours! It’s best to do this as you arrive and as you leave each day. This is important; it’s how you track our service each and every day.
  • If you have any issues, first ask a fellow youth leader. Often your fellow Youth Leaders can help you. However, please contact NC Inguanzo directly at ncinguanzo@pasedfoundation.org if you are unable to log in or have any issues with the Track It app.

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