Past Teacher Grant Awards

DNA kits, sheet music, and California native plants for an outdoor classroom are just a few of the supplies that this year's PEF Teacher Grants will purchase to support a diverse and vibrant selection of educational projects.

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Funding for the PEF Teacher Grant Program is made possible by individual donor contributions to the Pasadena Educational Foundation.

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Thanks to the support of our donors we are able to award $50,000 in Teacher Grants to 86 PUSD educators representing 57 outstanding proposals.


Jefferson Elementary School
Elizabeth Rauch, Candice Horn, Beverly Grotts,
and Jarratt Brunson Award Recipient Kaiulani Sallas

Jarratt Brunson Award

A special award, the Jarratt Brunson Award, was presented to teacher Kaiulani Sallas and Principal Amin Oria from Jefferson Elementary School. This newly established award is named in honor of Jarratt Brunson one of the founders of the Pasadena Educational Foundation and responsible for initiating the PEF Teacher Grant Program. The award is presented to the proposal that best reflects Jarratt's passion for reading and early literacy.

It is my desire; to not only teach these students how to read, but to instill in them a love for books,” said Kaiulani Sallas. “Mr. Brunson was my principal at Jefferson Elementary. Even at the young age of five, I was well aware that this was an amazing human being. His love for the school permeated every aspect at Jefferson; from singing our Alma Mater to the strong ethics he instilled in each of us. He exemplified all that a principal of a school should be.

The 2013-14 PEF Teacher Grant Awards:

Altadena Elementary School
Vivian Alfonso -
Fluency Practice Class Book Sets

Victoria Camargo, Regina Major -
Engaging Learning Environment
Lila Schob, Karen Jain -
No Child Left Inside: Outdoor Classroom

Blair Schools
Kelley Garris, Maria Teresa Garcia, Veronica Yepez -
Cultural Cookbook
Annette Fisher -
Where Are We heading?

Cleveland Elementary School
Shannon Malone -
Enhancing Reading Through Science

Don Benito Fundamental School
Yvonne Davis and Kristi Rosenblum -
Promoting Reading and Early Literacy: Kindergarten Cooking
Eliot Middle School
Karen Klages -
Making Music and Music Careers
Field Elementary School
Judy Barr -
City Wildfire

Natalie Palma, April Wu, Judy Ho -

Wei Liu -
Mandarin Library Development

Shu Zhang -
Advanced Math Centers and Activites

Jackson Elementary School
Eduardo Chenu -
Lexia Reading Program

Elizabeth Holle -
Puzzle Workshop

Rita Exposito, Linda Keavy -
Conquering the Common Core

Jefferson Elementary School
Elizabeth Rauch, Linda Seidner -
Classroom Preparation to Meet 21st Century Goals

Beverly Grotts -
American Heroes

Sophia Mejia -
Growing in Common Core

Candice Horn -
Let's Make It! Integrate Common Core and PBL into K

McKinley School
John Albert -
Visiting Artist

Denise Laing -
Write On: Inspiring Young ChildrenTo Authorship    
John Muir High School
Pamela Harris -
Aligned Linked Language

Richard Rosa -
AP Science Spring Field Study

Margaret Gillham -
Literary Journal

Cynthia Lake -

Norma Coombs Alternative School
Patricia Kunkel, Charlotte Caldwell -
On the Level, a REAL Library

Janet Ezor -
Listening for Literacy


Pasadena High School
Todd Dirks -
AP Studio Art Portfolios

Elizabeth Najera -
After School Tutorial and Writing Center

Roosevelt Elementary School
Robert Stone, Jamie Munro -
Kinesthetic Common Core English   

Rose City High School
Michael McNeely, Epifanio Cruz, Bonny Collins, Jonathan Durfee,
Adriana Lopez -
Who Do You Think You Are?

San Rafael Elementary School
Marbely Villalobos -
Listening Centers Make Reading Fun!

Carla Landaverde -
Reading to Learn

Rudy Ramirez, Debbie Ayala, Jessica Perez Del Toro -
By the Great Horn Spoon

Sierra Madre Elementary School
Rebecca Bickel -
Magnetism Schoolhouse

Suzanne York -
It's Rocket Science

Carolyn Halpern -
Nature Got There First

Lisa Prado -
History Day LA Primary Source Documents

Sierra Madre Middle School
Christine Mitchell -
Hands on Scale Factor

Amy McLean -
Music Stand Purchase

Maggie Munsell -
Project Based Learning Skills for every Teacher

Ravishanth Dev Anandhan -
Insight 360 Interactive Classroom Technology II
Washington Accelerated School
Dr. Wenonah Green -
Comprehensive Reading Lab
Amethyst Juknavorian -
Scientific Practices and Thinking Skills Lab

Washington Middle School
Cynthia Abbott -
Spring Broadway Show

Webster Elementary School
Denise Johnson -
Exploring a Garden Ecosystem

Monique Garza -
Young Webster Scientists

Cynthia Kim, Aghoian Watts -
Little Webster Entomologists

Candace Montesanti-Griego -
Literacy Games for Learning
Willard Elementary School
Debra DeBose, Donna Irie -
Willard STEM Club
Wilson Middle School
Sarah  Rudchenko, Chad Prado -
Breaking the "Classical" Mold with Violin

Regina Marie Jeffers -
Artistic Integration
Marcie Peoples, Christine Jackson, Rosa Tu, Rochelle Coombs,Tiffany Shahalmian -
Multi-Sensory Room

Other Programs
Burbank Preschool
Julie McLean -
21st Century Toddlers!

Tia Acosta, Jennifer Weisbart, Colleen Madrid -
Burbank LAUP

Coordinated Early Intervention Services (CEIS)
Gina Hernandez, Cynthia Macias, Merina Myklak, Jacqueline Gonzalez -
Movin' with Math


About the PEF Teacher Grants

The Pasadena Educational Foundation has been awarding teachers in PUSD grants to help fund classroom supplies and instructional materials for more than 40 years.

The goal of the PEF Teacher Grant Program is to encourage the development of educational activities to improve and enhance student achievement. Grant projects must be student centered, related to the curriculum, and must demonstrate how they will directly benefit students and enhance and improve student achievement.