Teacher Grant Program

2017-18 Teacher Grant Awards

The Pasadena Educational Foundation is profoundly grateful to the College Football Playoff Foundation, Pasadena Tournament of Roses, Verizon, and our community supporters for helping us distribute more than $200,000 this year to PUSD teachers, principals, and educators through our Teacher Grants Program. These funds will bring to life innovative classroom and school-wide projects throughout our district.

The 2017-18 awards were presented at a reception on December 5 at the Altadena Town & Country Club.


Jarrat Brunson Memorial Award for Literacy

Festival of Stories Lending Library
Tina Renzullo
PUSD Early Education Engagement and Curriculum Coach

Kathy Onoye Principal's Award

IB Readin' - The Blair Library Revitalization Project
David Ibarra
Principal Blair High School

Calvin Hunt Arts Award

Bauhaus & Chagall Meet Alice in Wonderland: Design for Spring Musical
Micol Issa, Teacher
Denise Schneider, Artist-in-Residence
Eliot Arts Magnet

School-wide Grants

Benita Scheckel
Altadena Elementary
Mural Beautification

David Ibarra
Blair High School
IB Readin' - The Blair Library Revitalization Project

Debra Lucas
Cleveland Elementary
Healthy Minds

Lori Touloumian
Eliot Arts Magnet Academy
Eliot Arts Magnet Costume Shop

Merian Stewart
Franklin Elementary
Movement Room

Rita Exposito
Jackson Elementary
Reader's and Writer's Dreams

Amin Oria
Jefferson Elementary
Bibliotecas para Clases

Noemi Orduna
Madison Elementary
21st Century Century Learning

Nicole Duquette
McKinley School of the Arts
McKinley Green, Garden & Outdoor Classroom - Phase II

Merle Bugarin
Roosevelt Elementary
Innovative STEM Spaces

Brian Stanley
Rose City High School
Rose City Library Special Collection

Rodolfo Ramirez
San Rafael Elementary
Bringing PE into the 21st Century

Garrett Newsom
Sierra Madre Middle School
Library Expansion for the 21st Century

James Dunlavey
Washington STEAM Magnet Academy Middle School
A Series of Reading Opportunities

Teacher Grants

Tina Renzullo Academics Dept Festival of Stories Lending Library
Tia Acosta Altadena Growing a Preschool Garden with Sensory Components
Helena Alves Altadena New Matter 3D Printer & Common Core Standards Plus
Hermalina Brown Bolton Altadena Listening without Interruption
Hanh Le Altadena Supporting a Balanced Literacy Classroom
Regina Major Altadena STEM Bins
Elizabeth Robinson Altadena Engaging Centers
Ashley Webb Altadena All Hands On Deck With Math Workshop
Michael Birnbryer Blair Keyboard Upgrade and Protection
Amanda Engstrom Blair Ovations 2018
Christine Sandoval Don Benito For the Love of Literacy
Rosemarie Evans Eliot Arts Fountain of Fish
Janet Hart Eliot Arts Metamorphosis
Micol Issa Eliot Arts Bauhaus & Chagall Meet Alice in Wonderland: Costume Design for Spring Musical
Bethel Lira Eliot Arts Say it With Flowers (and Butterflies and Birds and Bees)
Robert Moya Eliot Arts Keep Rockin'
Jason Trapp Eliot Arts  
Melanie Deng Field  Trust the Process~The Writing Process!
Anqi Deng Field  Launching Reader's Workshop!
Si Nae Kim Field  Are you a Music Prodigy?
Xiaofei Lei Field  Hands-on makes math fun!
Ching Ju (Betty) Tung Field  Mandarin Reading Workshop
Muchen Yang Field  Hands-on Science
Yuan Zhao Field  Readers and Math Workshop in Chinese
Rebecca Carr Focus Point  Music Engagement
Jennifer Boynton Franklin Outdoor Music & Exploration Area
John Newell Franklin Science Lab Reboot with Fox Scientists
Rebecca Rico Franklin listening and reading center
Jana Cole Hamilton ENCORE!!!
Kimberly Enriquez Hamilton Effective Assessment, Effective Instruction, Awesome Readers!
Ana Acosta Jackson Spanish Literacy and STEM
Veronica Alcantar Jackson Practical Interventions to Promote Excellence in a DLIP 3rd Grade Class
Debbie Ayala Jackson The Multiple Subject Classroom
Olivia Cardenas Jackson Engaging and Inspiring Students through Knex Education
Amanda Haddad Jackson Dual-Language Literacy
Linda Keavy Jackson For the Love of Reading
Linda LeVerne Jackson Math and Writing by Myself
Tina Minkler Jackson Let's Play Math
Ashley Nava Jackson  
Whitney Reese Jackson Read to Write...Write to Read!
Yadira Ruarte Jackson Classroom Library
Melissa Ruiz Jackson Spanish Literacy and STEM
Grecia Serrano Navarro Jackson Music Growing Pains
Diana Suarez Jackson Differentiating Learning through Balanced Literacy and STEM Integration
Xiomara Tovar Jackson The Science of Music
Fran De La Rosa Jefferson The Wonder of Reading
Sandra Garcia Jefferson Super Spanish Readers
Ann Palmer Jefferson Mighty Readers Book Club
William Abanyie John Muir Mobile  Reportering
Ryan Flores John Muir Graphing Calculator Project
Margaret Gillham John Muir Wild Horses Literary Magazine
Alexandra Gonzales John Muir Documenting Science: Using Video Media to Expand Student Understanding
Janet Ho John Muir World History Video Projects
Cynthia Lake John Muir Cameras for Art Photography
Beverly Rodriguez John Muir Mustang Olympiads
Andrew Silk John Muir Life, Camera, Action
Kimberly Suarez John Muir Science/ Moderate/Severe Special Education
Donna Tucker John Muir Classroom Libraries
Carol Parker Longfellow Good Fit Books
Kaiulani Venable Longfellow Let's Get Cooking with TK
Melissa Rodriguez Madison   
Debora Zecena-Rubio Madison  We Love Reading!
Daarina Abdus-Samad Marshall Marshall Tile Mosaic Wall Project - Continued
Nadia Aleman Marshall Enhance reading literary in Spanish in all levels
Joshua DeBets Marshall Welcome to Our Literacy Lounge
Sara Dickerson Marshall 6th Grade Art Elective
Michele Doran-Gonzalez Marshall Inspiring the Youth in My Classroom to become Star Readers
Cletus Ganschow Marshall Financial Literacy
Margaret Kanakri Marshall Learning Science through the Five Senses with Special Education Students with Moderate to Severe Needs
Marjorie Keith Marshall Middle School Book Clubs at Marshall
Stan Makiyama Marshall Physical Education
Yvonne Ramsey Marshall Art Legacy Club
Luis Rendon Marshall Murals for Marshall
Caroline Sandrew Marshall Microphones for Auditorium Use
Suengmee Seo Marshall Atomic spectrum
Mary Stevens Marshall Between the World and Me
Leslie Stotlar Marshall Dirty Airy
Fara Valentine Marshall Surgeons are we!/ Obtaining Dissection Materials
Christy Ware Marshall Encouraging Struggling Readers
Lisa Yamanouye Marshall Can You Hear Me Now?
Consuelo Galvez Marshall  Speaking Fluency
Roger Gray McKinley Sun & Moon Theatre
John Lira McKinley Content Area Productions via Theater Arts
Lauren Partma McKinley Do You Believe in Magic
Christopher Reagan McKinley K'NEX STEM Library
Jaclyn Hemphill Norma Coombs Sensory Motor/Gross Motor Equipment for SDC PreK students
Kyle Kennelly Norma Coombs Literacy with a Library!
Roger Baar Pasadena High  Microscale Gas Chemistry Lab
Richard Chung Pasadena High  SPED Math/STEM Tutoring Lab
Todd Dirks Pasadena High  AP Studio Art, and Reg. Arts Classes
Janelle Juarez Pasadena High  Exploratory Calculator Activities
Lee Simoes Pasadena High  Mock Trial Integrated Project
Delia Swanner Pasadena High  Teen Graphic Novels
Deborah Kostich Roosevelt Young Freedom Writers
Bryon Lanagan Roosevelt Spring Into Health and Fitness
Gilbert Ochoa Roosevelt Social studies and Science Instruction
Christopher Tolosa Rose City  Physics Tools & Equipments that Teach
Elva De Jarnett San Rafael  Falling in Love with Science
Priscila Leon San Rafael  Balanced Literacy, Biliteracy, and Multiculturalism
Julia Cole Sierra Madre Elementary Information in the Hands of Many
Carolyn Halpern Sierra Madre Elementary More Math Mentor & Technology Texts!
Yolanda Munoz Sierra Madre Elementary Aspiring Engineers Thinking Outside The Box
Dany Richey Sierra Madre Elementary Robotic Engineers
Lynn Scott Sierra Madre Elementary Second Step
Erik Delgadillo Sierra Madre Middle Caterpillar/Ant Farm Project
Amy McLean Sierra Madre Middle Building the Music Program at SMMS
Karyn Messler Sierra Madre Middle SkiesLearn
Lisabet Nepf Sierra Madre Middle Developing Geographic Literacy
Debbie Afsharian Washington Elementary Using Mentor Texts to Empower Student Authors
David Earnhart Washington Elementary Learning to Write
Frances Milnes-Werking Washington Middle  Caution: Middle School Reading Zone
Laurel Nelissen Washington Middle  Making Tracking not a chore
Linda Ortega Washington Middle  The Odyssey
Christopher Anderson Washington Middle/McKinley Math Academy
Angela Chavez Webster STEAM​ ​science​ ​MATTERS

For more than 40 years, PEF Teacher Grants have helped the inspirational teachers throughout PUSD take their creative projects from idea to reality by providing resources to enhance the classroom experience for their students.


Grant projects are:

  • Student centered.
  • Related to the curriculum.
  • Directly benefit students. 
  • Enhance and Improve student achievement.

Grants are generally awarded to teachers in amounts up to $1,000.

With the generous support we have received from our partners and our community we are proud to say that in 2016-17 every school in the district received grant funds. Thank you to all who support us.

Take a look at last year's award recipients >>

2017-18 Special Awards Include ($2,500 each):

Jarrat Brunson Memorial Award for Literacy

Honoring the late Jarratt Brunson, the PEF founder who initiated the Teacher Grant Program, this award will go to the proposal that best reflects Jarratt's passion for reading and early literacy.

Kathy Onoye Principal's Award

Honoring Kathy Onoye, who throughout her career as a Principal of Willard Elementary School and most recently as the Executive Director of Elementary Education for the PUSD, has been an outstanding role model and mentor for principals, this award will go to the PUSD Administrator whose proposal best exemplifies their role in inspiring leadership.

Calvin Hunt Arts Award

Founded by a PUSD Board member in memory of Calvin Hunt who, as Director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, took dancers all over the world as cultural ambassadors. This award promotes and supports dedicated teachers enhancing arts education in PUSD.

2016-17 PEF Teacher Grant Winners

PEF is pleased to announce for the 2016-2017 school year the addition of School-Wide Project Grants made possible by the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association and the College Football Playoff Foundation.

This year gave out a record number of grants—113 Teacher Grants awarded and 11 School-wide Grants. Representing every school in PUSD!Thank you to all who support us.

Here is the full list of the 2016-17 award winners >>

2015-16 PEF Teacher Grant Winners

Congratulations to our 2015-16 Teacher Grant Recipients!

PEF has been awarding grants to help fund classroom supplies and instructional materials for more than 40 years and we received a record number of applications last year. This year we are awarding more than $70,000 in PEF Teacher Grants to more than 128 PUSD teachers and principals. PEF Teacher Grants help our teachers bring more creativity, innovation, and inspiration into our classrooms.

Here are 2015-16 recipients >>


2014-15 PEF Teacher Grant Winners

Congratulations to our 2014-15 PEF Teacher Grant Recipients!

Click here to find out more about our awardees >>

For 2014-15, we were pleased to offer two special awards, the Jarratt Brunson Memorial Award honoring one of the founders of PEF responsible for initiating the Teacher Grant Program, and in honor of our recent PUSD retiree, the Kathy Onoye Principal Leadership award.

2013-2014 PEF Teacher Grant Winners

PEF Teacher Grants Reception 2013-14DNA kits, sheet music, and California native plants for an outdoor classroom are just a few of the supplies that this year's PEF Teacher Grants will purchase to support a diverse and vibrant selection of educational projects.

Check out our photo gallery
from the reception >>

The 2013-14 PEF Teacher Grants were announced at a special reception on Wednesday, January 22, 2014.

Here are the recipients >>

Funding for the PEF Teacher Grant Program is made possible by individual donor contributions to the Pasadena Educational Foundation.

Want to help?

More here >>

Community Members

Community Members are encouraged to support the students and teachers of Pasadena public schools by donating to the Teacher Grant fund.  Your donations can be used to fund many worthy projects this school year.  For more information, please contact Linda Machida at 626-396-3600 x 88353 or lmachida@pasedfoundation.org.