Volunteer Classroom Assistant

Summer Enrichment Volunteer Program,
June 11-June 12, 2018

Monday-Thursday, 9:00 am-1:30 pm



The goal of the Volunteer Classroom Assistant or Office Assistant is to enable the teacher or office manager to better meet the needs of students and teachers by providing targeted hands-on support. In order to meet this important goal, the volunteer should possess certain attributes and be willing to take on key responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Arrive on time each day and inform teacher and Volunteer Coordinator of schedule changes
  • Assist students during arrival, nutrition break and dismissal
  • Support the teacher with classroom organization, material preparation, and clean-up
  • Share unique subject knowledge and talents in support of student learning
  • Act as a mentor: motivate and encourage students
  • Help children on an individual or small group basis to reinforce learning concepts
  • Give extra attention to children with special needs
  • Acquire new skills when necessary to perform a task
  • Offer positive solutions to student problems
  • Identify needs and be proactive in meeting them
  • Communicate questions and updates to the teacher

 Key Attributes:

  • Leadership -  You see needs and act independently and creatively to solve them
  • Mentorship - The willingness to be a role model to others, and to learn from those around you!
  • Scholarship - You have something to share and want to share it.
  • Responsibility- You take on tasks and do not need to be reminded
  • Dependability- You agree to a schedule and can stick to it
  • Enthusiasm- You demonstrate energy and curiosity through your work
  • Creativity- You find new and unique ways to engage with students and subject matter
  • Adaptability- You are able to adjust your expectations to meet needs
  • Patience- You are able to see projects through to completion, and are willing to keep trying to make a difference
  • Respect­- You are kind, courteous and show deference to those who ahead of you, and encourage those behind you, meeting each where they are and honoring their place

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