My Masterpieces: Discovering Art in My Community

"Partnering with Pasadena Educational Foundation's My Masterpieces Program allows The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens to increase its reach within the diverse community of Pasadena. We remain committed to the Pasadena Unified School District and this program is a superb example of that partnership!”

- Guy Fish
Art Education Manager
The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

My Masterpieces: Discovering Art in My Community is an award-winning program of the Pasadena Educational Foundation, operated in partnership with Pasadena Unified School District and ten museums and arts organizations.  The program serves every K-6 student in PUSD, providing community-based arts learning opportunities for over 9,000 students and 400 teachers in Altadena, Pasadena, and Sierra Madre.

Did you know?

Parents in grades K-6, did you know that through the My Masterpieces Program your family can visit museums and cultural centers for free? Each of the 18 elementary schools in PUSD have a set of passes that can be checked out to visit places like: The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens; The Gamble House; Norton Simon; and Kidspace!

Contact your child’s school and speak with the Office Manager to learn more about how to check out these FREE passes

My Masterpieces Stories in Art:

2nd Grade Art Walk

Image : 2nd Grade Art Walk

Did you know that every Pasadena Unified School District 2nd grader takes a public art walking tour with PEF's My Masterpieces program? Ms. Totaro's 2nd grade class from McKinley School had an exciting day this April getting inspired in our community on a public art tour around Pasadena City Hall. MORE >>

Full Circle at the Gamble House

Image : Full Circle at the Gamble House

During the graduation of the new group of Jr. Docents at the Gamble House, a partner for the 3rd grade students, we learned that all of the these high school students had been through the My Masterpieces Program as third graders, and now would have a chance to share their knowledge about this historic landmark. These 35 students are part of the GATE Program volunteering during the school day giving tours to the current third grade students. MORE >>

A Thief in the Park

Image : A Thief in the Park

Imagine a time without Netflix or live movie streaming; a time when you had to run over to the neighbor’s house to ask if they wanted to play instead of sending an instant text message. Take a trip back to the early 1900’s by watching these silent films our PUSD’s 4th and 5th graders made. MORE >>

Art, Chess, and the 5th Grade at the Norton Simon

Image : Art, Chess, and the 5th Grade at the Norton Simon

What is the best thing you remember about being on a 5th grade field trip?

If you are a PUSD student, maybe it is something like what a group of the 5th graders from Don Benito experienced a couple weeks ago, during their field trip to the Norton Simon museum as part of the Pasadena Educational Foundation's My Masterpieces: Discovering Art in My Community program. MORE >>

My Masterpieces has four core components:

  • Classroom Curriculum - A classroom-based curriculum that integrates art with other core subject areas like language arts, math, social studies, and science.

  • Field Trips - At least one field trip to a local museum or arts organization.  Field trips build upon what was taught in the classroom.

  • Teacher Training - Professional development opportunities for teachers.  Read about Arts Integration and the Common Core.

  • Family Access - Family access points, such as free passes, school-wide memberships, or free "My Masterpieces Days."

Each arts partner is matched with a grade level and serves every PUSD student in that grade:

This extraordinary program would not be possible without wide community support.  ‚ÄčVolunteers from the Junior League of Pasadena, PUSD Welcome Center, and the arts partners' docent groups provide hours of service. Community artists from the California Art Club visit 4th-grade classrooms as guest teachers.  National Charity League members assist Pasadena Educational Foundation with office support.  Teachers and staff of local arts organizations who serve on the District Arts Team/Community Arts Team, led by PUSD's Arts Office, initiated the program and continue their involvement in an advisory capacity.  Pasadena Educational Foundation thanks our community members for their time and endless creativity!

Funding for My Masterpieces is generously provided by:

Capital Group Companies
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Lluella Morey Murphey Foundation

In-kind support from all of our My Masterpieces arts partners
Individual donors from the community

Interested in supporting this impactful program?  Make an online donation to My Masterpieces or contact our Development Director, Angela Parris.  She can be reached at or (626) 396-3625.